We aim to publish all our research open access so that anyone can read it.

Special Issues

Birch, K. and Bronson, K. (special issue in process) Big Tech, Science as Culture.

Birch, K. and Ward, C. (special issue in process) Critical approaches to rentiership, Environment and Planning A.

Birch, K., Ward, C. and Tretter, E. (special issue in process) New frontiers in techno-economic rentiership, Competition & Change.

Journal Articles

Birch, K. and Cochrane, D.T. (2021) Big Tech: Four emerging forms of digital rentiership, Science as Culture. [Open Access]

Birch, K., Cochrane, T. and Ward, C. (2021) Data as asset? The measurement, governance, and valuation of digital personal data by Big Tech, Big Data & Society. [Open Access]

Birch, K. (2020) Automated neoliberalism? The digital organisation of markets in technoscientific capitalism, New Formations 100-101: 10-27. [Open Access]

Birch, K., Chiappetta, M. and Artyushina, A. (2020) The problem of innovation in technoscientific capitalism: Data rentiership and the policy implications of turning personal digital data into a private asset, Policy Studies 41(5): 468-487. [Open Access]

Birch, K. (2020) Technoscience rent: Towards a theory of rentiership for technoscientific capitalism, Science, Technology and Human Values 45(1): 3-33. [Open Access]


Birch, K. and Muniesa, F. (eds) (2020) Assetization: Turning Things into Assets in Technoscientific Capitalism, Cambridge MA: MIT Press. [Open Access]

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