Talks & Suchlike

Birch, K. (Nov 2021) Assetization as a techno-economic mode of governance: Unpacking the transformation of digital data into an asset, Department of Science & Technology Studies Seminar Series, University of Vienna, Austria.

Birch, K. (Sept 2021) Digital rentiership, Platform Economy Research Network, The New York, USA.

Birch, K. (Sept 2021) Data as asset, Trajectories of Big Data Platforms Workshop, University of Edinburgh, UK.

Birch, K. (2021) Assetization: Future research agenda in technology and society, Max Planck Institute for the Study of Society, Cologne, Germany.

Birch, K., Cochrane, T. and Ward, C. (2021) Data as asset? The measurement, governance, and valuation of digital personal data by Big Tech, University of Leuven, Belgium.

Birch, K. (2021) Automated neoliberalism?, Australian Research Council Centre of Excellence for Automated Decision-Making and Society, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Birch, K. (2021) Big tech, Crash Course Economics, online.

Panellist (2021) On value, outcomes, and digital data, Data Economics Festival, online.

Birch, K. (2021) Assetization and the new asset geographies, Department of Geography Seminar Series, University of Zurich, Switzerland.

Birch, K. (2021) Thinking through assetization and value in 3D printing, Symposium on Re-imagining the Futures of 3D Printing in Society, Heidelberg University, Germany.

Birch, K. (2021) Assetization, STS Seminar Series, York University, Canada.

Birch, K. (2021) Assetization and the transformation of personal data into an asset, History and Philosophy of Science Seminar Series, University of Melbourne, Australia.

Birch, K. (2020) Assetization: Defining the asset boundary, Science and Technology Policy Webinar, University of Athens, Greece.

Birch, K. (2020) Assetization, TiP Seminar Series, IT University of Copenhagen, Denmark.

Birch, K. (and Chiappetta, M. and Artyushina, A.) (2020) The problem of innovation in technoscientific capitalism: Data rentiership and the policy implications of turning personal digital data into a private asset, Innovation Policy Lab Seminar Series, University of Toronto, Canada.

Panellist (2019) Frontiers of rent and rentiership in the green economy III: Panel session, Association of American Geographers Annual Conference, Washington DC, USA.

Birch, K. (2019) Assets and their societal/political implications, Technoscientific Constitutionalism Joint DFG-NSF Workshop, Washington DC, USA.

Birch, K. (2018) Towards a theory of ‘rentiership’ in contemporary, technoscientific capitalism, The Dynamics of Capitalism: Inquiries to Marx on the Occasion of his 200th Birthday, Conference jointly organized by the Max Planck Institute for the Study of Societies and Hamburg Institute for Social Research, Hamburg, Germany.

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